Saturday, 21 March 2009

"Take that drama school!"

Very exciting news this week - I've heard from the agency. First I'll talk about the audition, which was two weeks ago today. At first we had a workshop with all the other auditionees, typical stuff like drama games and improv and things. Then we had to do some script work which ended up being from Skins but was (luckily!) less racy than you'd imagine. Then we did our monologues - I was a bit worried because mine was quite upbeat and I went third, and the girl and guy who went before me were very deep and intense. The girl did a monologue about a woman who had been raped and the guy did something from Equus so I was second guessing myself already. However, I did the monologue and the acting coach said that it was a good monologue and well performed but not the right choice if you're only performing one monologue, that it was good in a repotoire and if I was performing two or three it'd be great. But if you're doing one, you need to blow people away. However, she did say she was disappointed that I hadn't stretched myself more because she'd thought I could've done more. Which was kind of a compliment!

Then after that if we wanted to sing, we could and I sang 'If I Only Had a Brain' which they said was also an 'interesting' choice but I said I didn't really have any training and it was just what I'd done in a show. Afterwards they said they did like my voice but I definitely needed some training. Lookswise they then compared me to the actor playing Melchior in Spring Awakening.

So I came away feeling quite pleased with myself and waited a week for the email like they said... which never came. I got anxious and nervous and ran home every day from school for an email that never came - boo hiss indeed.

By Wednesday I thought the time that had passed was sufficient enough for me to ring them, which I did and spoke to the head of the agency and explained, and she said that the office had all been really ill and we'd get an email by the end of the week. And then she went, "Well, actually... oh I don't know if I can tell you, but maybe... hmm, well... when you get the email, it'll be a yes!" To which I proceeded to dance around my sixth form centre very excitedly.

So I got the official email a day later detailing photos being taken etc. and I'm just very happy and feeling of worth!