Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Finger Lickin' Good!

I've been at PPA about five weeks now and am loving it. Its hard work obviously and getting up at 6am is far from my glamorous but on the whole my all-acting, all-singing, all-dancing life is definitely living up to expectations. I can already see myself improving and learning so much, especially in dance, where previously I had no training whatsoever. I can now tell my fifth position from my plie, am beginning to master phonetics and have a whole bunch of new songs to sing. We've begun applications for drama schools which is quite scary already but I feel so much more prepared already. We have our GSA, Arts Ed and Mountview auditions privately through the course, which is nice, but I've begun my applications elsewhere too. I'm going to apply to RADA, LAMDA, Central, LIPA, East15, Rose Bruford, Guildhall, ALRA, Royal Scottish and Royal Welsh.

I got a call from my agent on Thursday, who had an audition for a KFC commercial the next day, which I went to, and yesterday heard I had a recall today! My Shakespeare teacher, Gemma, had told us stories of commercial auditions being notoriously short and not particularly taxing to an actor because they are mainly looking for a look and I definitely experienced that today. I left college at half two, traveled for almost two hours to get to the casting ten minutes early and then waiting for half an hour before going into the room, meeting the director and producer, and doing three takes of walking across a room pretending to eat KFC, wave to someone off camera, and then keep walking. Obviously its good experience and whatnot but I came out of it thinking "Was that it?!" However, the job is ridiculously good money and I've got everything crossed!

Lastly and completley non-theatrey but I am absolutely in love with Lady GaGa's new song 'Bad Romance'. I've always had a music-crush on the Lady but I think this is possibly her finest single and have it on repeat constantly! Hopefully a few of us from college will be going to her 'Monster Ball' when it tours England in February! Check out the song below: