Monday, 13 July 2009

Decisions, Decisions...

I really have't written in a while, which is bad because I've had quite a lot of exciting news! Its all been very last minute but I've recently auditioned for two foundation courses in Musical theatre and got onto both - they're very different courses and now I have to make a decision, but I can't!

The first course is at an institution called Performance Preparation Academy, or PPA. Its very new and hasn't really got a reputation yet and there's no way to tell how good their teaching is or what their results are. They're currently based in the Ebbisham Centre in Epsom, but next year are moving to a brand new facility at Guildford School of Acting. The move makes me a little more confident - I doubt GSA want their name tarred with the same brush if it turns out not to be what they say they are. The course is full time, so in respect to my singing and dancing I'll learn a lot, including ballet which I think will be really important. At GSA the dance classes will be streamed with the degree level students, which I think will be really interesting and beneficial.

However, the course is very expensive and I'd only be able to work part time. The school doesn't have much of a reputation yet, and this is important in the industry. However, they seem very friendly and caring, and have a good rapport with the students. Similarly, they seem to really want me, which is nice, and I think will work me hard. The qualifications are awarded by Trinity Guildhall and LAMDA.

The other course is at Arts Educational, which is a prestigious drama school in London. Its three evenings a week from 7.30 till 9.30, which worries me in the amount I will learn. If it was a straight acting course, I would chose it, as I believe I have enough experience in acting that I would just need to refine my skills and work on audition technique. However, I have limited training in both dance and singing and I don't know if six hours a week would be enough. However, it does carry a seal of quality in the teaching and would be a great name to have on my CV. However, I worry that the course tutors may put their degree students first and I'm unsure of the amount of attention and pastoral care that I will receive. The course is less expensive than PPA but in terms of the money to hours ratio, it is more expensive.

So, those are my two options - please give me your opinions, I'm really stuck!