Sunday, 20 September 2009

No News is Good News?

I've really neglected my blog over the summer but that could be due to distinct lack in drama-related activities, except the megafest that was NYT. Since returning from the course, I've really not done much performing, theatre-going or anything of that kind. Many if not most of my friends are off to university this week and next, and its been an emotional few days, with saying goodbyes followed by 'See you at Christmas!' which just seems ridiculously far away. However, with goodbyes comes hellos, and I've seen some NYT people recently, and next weekend will be venturing to Oxford for one's birthday, which will be fantastic. I can't wait to see everyone.

Next Monday, however, the relaxing and partying will pretty much stop as I start my course at PPA. I'm really excited, albeit nervous, because it will be a whole new place, whole new people, and when it comes to dance, a whole new discipline. Although its only a year, that's still a long time and if something isn't right... I dread to think. I'm going to go with an open, positive mind though, and hope I enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed previous experiences. I'm sure to learn a lot too, although I'm going to be exhausted!

I've also started rehearsals for a pantomime, Jack and the Beanstalk, which will be performed at the Epsom Playhouse in January - buy tickets! Its a new company for me, one where adults play the principle roles and younger members are in the chorus, so thats also a new and good thing. Being in the chorus, there's a lot more dancing and singing (which will help me!) and there's a proper choreographer and musical director (who works at Laine) - all good things! Met some nice people there too, already.

I'm hopefully going to see an amateur production of the Last Five Years by Jason Robert Brown this week. I've never seen the show but I love the music and really wish I had seen the Notes from New York production with Julie Atherton and Paul Spicer. So I'm hoping this will be a good production and won't kill my love for the show!

Lastly, audition season is nearly upon us. I've begun to look at monologues, though haven't got serious yet, mainly looking at a few Shakespeare plays and one modern play in particular, Punk Rock, which I saw a few weeks ago. I'm not sure to what extent we'll work on audition prep at PPA so I'm not getting too concerned, though I have begun to rethink some of my course applications, having heard from a LIPA newbie that first year boys have to shave all their hair off...